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let’s keep it positive


The Mayo Clinic cites the following benefits of positive thinking.

  • Increased life span.
  • Lower rates of depression.
  • Lower levels of distress.
  • Greater resistance to the common cold.
  • Better psychological and physical well-being.
  • Reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
  • Better coping skills during hardships and times of stress.

At times, it can be difficult to remain positive. If you find yourself in a negativity rut … either with your business or other areas of life … here are some tips that might help.

Happy Friday!

p.s. Be kind to yourself.

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keep on keeping on …


If only I’d learned this in school. If only someone had taught a class on success … and told me that there is no such thing as failure … as long as you don’t give up. There are lessons learned, surely. But just because something doesn’t work out the way I want it to work WHEN I want it to work doesn’t mean I’ve failed. It just means I’ve learned something. And armed with that knowledge, I can move forward … one step closer to success.


p.s. You can change your life with these two little words.

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change your life with two little words


Dear Female Photographer,

If you tell yourself you’re just not able to do something … you probably won’t ever be able to do it. Why?

Your brain LISTENS to your self talk.

Thankfully, your brain is just as willing to listen to positive cues as it is the negative ones. (Phew.)

If you’re working hard to accomplish a goal and have hit that plateau area where frustration and disappointment abounds, watch your words. Now isn’t the time to be negative. It’s the time to utilize the astounding power of two tiny little words:


You haven’t failed. You just haven’t YET succeeded.

Study after study continue to show that we need to BELIEVE we can improve, grow, and succeed if we want to eventually make it to a place of success.

In a famous TED talk, Carol Dweck explains the significance of what she called a “growth mindset”. Amazing things happen when you actually believe in yourself. And she proves it with research.

Take a moment to watch this talk. It’s life changing!


p.s. how are you coming with our three goals for the week?

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dear female photographer: 3 things to do this week


Dear Female Photographer,

It’s been dark and dreary around here the last few days and it’s leaving me feeling very unmotivated! Although the birds that chirp outside my window assure me it’s spring, the chilly dampness seems to say otherwise. The forecast for this week calls for more of the same … drizzle and gray. So this week, my goals are all about amping up my energy so I can GET MORE DONE! Maybe they’ll help you get moving, too!

ONE: Get my heart rate up for a few minutes before sitting down to work.

I would LOVE to be one of those people who wakes up in the morning, works out, and then starts her day off energized. When I work out first thing in the morning, I actually feel a bit sick afterwards. I’ve discovered that for me, mid-afternoons or evenings are a better time for exercise. That being said, I’ve long heard that cardio before work in the morning can boost your brain and lead to increased productivity. What entrepreneur doesn’t want increased productivity?! This week, I want to try a mini burst of activity before I sit before my computer to work. I’ll probably hit up my little trampoline for five minutes or do 20 or 30 jumping jacks — just enough to get the heart pumping. We’ll see what happens!

TWO: Rework my words.

When’s the last time you went through your web site(s) and checked your content? This week, I plan on tightening up, improving, tweaking … just doing some little bits of maintenance on my words to ensure clients’ are reading just the right thing. This can be a struggle for photographers because many of us are better with pictures than words. But what our clients READ is just as important as what they SEE on our sites.

THREE: Set my intentions before work each day.

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat down to “work” and three hours later, haven’t accomplished much more than visiting a few gossip sites, emailing a handful of friends and clients, and scrolling through social media sites. For me, one of the best ways to break this habit is to set my intentions for the day even before I turn on my computer. What do I want to accomplish? By what time? It’s AMAZING how this little act can completely transform a day. It helps me to turn BEAST MODE ON.

Do these three things, and you’ll be one step closer to success. Come back next week and we’ll explore three more tips. Or set your own three goals!

Keep up the AMAZING work.

p.s. How did you do with last week’s three goals

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Thanks for sharing I might have to try out some of these –Hanna Lei

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You’re welcome : ) Hope they help!

current thriftspiration

I don’t know how Free People continues to make clothes that make me actually consider spending hundreds of dollars on a simple everyday dress! These three dresses above would add up to well over $60o. That seems ridiculous. And yet, at the same time, I love them so much that I would buy them if I could. Man, they’re geniuses!

Instead, these dresses are currently serving as my thriftspiration. I was practically obsessed with wearing white last summer. (And clearly the obsession has retuned since I’m sitting here in a white dress right now, too.) But this year, I’m on the lookout for shades of off-white and linen. It’s actually even MORE fun to go thrifting when you’re looking to recreate a specific look. It also prevents me from buying clothes that I don’t really loooooooove (my current rule) since I’m so focused on finding the specific looks.

So thanks, as usual, Free People for giving me the drive and strong desire to hit up the thrift stores. If by any chance you want to send me these three dresses as a thank you for raving about you for years, I will certainly be willing to accept.


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