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how to make your hands look 10 years younger

How do you make your hands look younger? I discovered a totally new and unheard of way of making the skin on my hands smooth and beautiful!

Well, for about 10 minutes last week, anyway, I thought I had invented something totally new and groundbreaking. A quick search on Google showed me that I’m just really slow to jump on the bandwagon. But it was new to me … so maybe it will be new to you, too. 

It all started last week when I was picking up the most AMAZING antique sofa at an antique store. It deserves it’s own post … so stay tuned. While checking out, I saw a beautiful turquoise and diamond ring. Much to my delight, it fit! I held out my hand to admire the ring, and was shocked to see old lady hands staring back at me.

It’s winter. And skin is dryer in winter. True.

But, still.


All the way home, I wondered how my hands had aged about 10 years in a few weeks. And then I remembered that I just switched from having a dishwasher (old apartment) to washing dishes by hand (new apartment). The hot water was obviously drying out my skin.

So I got gloves. Problem solved.

The gloves helped.


But that’s when the genius idea hit. I mixed up a jar of oils (castor oil, lavender oil, coconut oil, vitamin E) and slathered my hands in the oil before putting on the gloves. After doing the dishes for 10 minutes or so with my hands in super hot water, I basically gave myself a hot oil treatment. My hands looked better already.

Now, about one week later, my hands look 10 years younger than they did when I tried on that ring.


So, yes … I miss my dishwasher. But in a strange way, I’m finding washing the dishes by hand to be therapeutic and relaxing. And I definitely feel like my dishes look cleaner. And my hands are being pampered.

Maybe I need to go back and get that ring! ; )

According to the maaaaany posts I pulled up when I googled hand washing + gloves + oils, it looks like a lot of people do something similar … but with lotion. I don’t know though … I’m loving the oils. Especially the castor oil. It leaves my hands really soft.

So here’s the step by step on how to make your hands 10 years younger.

  1. Slather your hands with an oil blend or lotion.
  2. Put on dishwashing gloves.
  3. Wash dishes in hot water.
  4. Remove gloves. The lotion or oils will have sunk into your skin from the heat of the water.
  5. Repeat!

Happy washing!

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