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don’t let fear hold you back … dive in!


Are you trying to run a business? Maybe you’re a photographer, clothing designer, or a blogger and you have yet to reach your true success. It can be frustrating, to say the least. What do you think is holding your business back?

I’ll share with you what often holds me and my business back: FEAR. If you could spend a day in my head, you would …

  1. Be amazed at how many times I think about food.
  2. Be sad to hear the negative things I often tell myself!

You probably DON’T think about food as much as I do. (Seriously. I have a problem.) But, like me, you too have fears. And that’s ok because it’s totally natural to feel fear. (I mean, fear keeps us from going down dark alleys alone, right? It definitely serves a purpose!)

But the problem with fear is that it often fuels the lies we tell ourselves. We say things like …

“I’m not smart enough to do … ”

“I don’t have enough education to do … ”

“There are way too many other people who do X better than me already. I should quit.”

These, my friend, are LIES. Outright LIES. And the worst part is … no one else is saying it to us. (Well, maybe one or two people in your life may feel like they’re “helping” you by being negative.)  The person who often says the MOST negatives things to you is … YOU.

“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. ” – Richard Bach

I came across this video by motivational speaker Lewes Howes and he perfectly sums up some of the fears we grapple with as entrepreneurs (and humans). Take a peek …

Are you a photographer hoping to build a business that REALLY works? Is fear and a lack of self-confidence holding you back? Check out this workbook on building your self-confidence. It’s designed specifically for female photographers.


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