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a stroll through rosendale, ny


I’m in the middle of trying to finish up a book I’m writing for photographers — 12 (oooor 13, 14, or 15 … we’ll see!) Reasons Your Photography Business is Failing. Despite it’s negative-sounding title, it’s actually a happy book about success! But as is usually the case with me, as I round the corner into the final stretch, I get stuck.

And when that happens … it’s time to mix things up a bit!!

I typically write from one of two places … my home office (which also doubles as my kitchen ; )), or Starbucks. But when I get to the brick-wall stage of a project, then it’s time to head somewhere new.

This time around, I opted to take a quick drive down to Rosendale.


Rosendale is situated in Dutchess County, New York in the very beautiful Hudson Valley. It reminds me a bit of New Paltz … a town just a few miles around the corner — though definitely less crowded (thank goodness). I think it can best be described as a little bit hippy … a little bit earthy … and a little bit forgotten. There are quite a few empty stores along the quaint little Main Street area, hence the “forgotten” part. Buuuut, those that are currently open are pretty awesome!


I walked around snapping photos until I happily ran into a funky vintage store with a fabulous collection of clothes and some really fun finds. The store’s name is Spoiled Doves and in it you’ll find all kinds of treasures … along with a couple of adorable furry friends.


Along the way, I happened across what is pretty much my current dream dwelling, a tiny little house.


And of course I would paint the door purple … and of course I would put sunflowers in the yard!


After a bit of wandering, it was time to actually sit down and work. Since that was the whole point of the trip! I wandered into The Big Cheese — which is pretty much my version of heaven on earth. It’s a vintage clothing store that sells cheese. Which is strange, of course. And yet … it’s not! I can’t tell you how happy I was to walk in to the yummiest smell, and then spend some time hunting through awesome vintage clothes, and then grab an AMAZING sandwich and sit down at a table and get to work.


I did NOT finish my book. In fact, I think I got a page done : ( Buut, it was a fun little trip and I’m not sorry I took it! : )

So, there you have it. A little peak at Rosendale. It’s definitely worth a trip if you’re ever in the Hudson Valley.

Now, I need your help. If you’re someone who regularly switches up where you go to work or read, where do you go? What spots work best for you? Coffee houses? Parks? I need some new spots!


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