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Top 60 Motivational Speakers in the World


A little while back, I decided to add three rituals to my daily life.

1. Listen to a motivational speech while I edit images for work.

2. Read a true-life story from someone who shares my faith every night before I go to bed.

3. Juice every day.

Those rituals cover the big areas of my life: my spiritual health, my physical health, and my livelihood. For a while there, these things had truly become rituals for me. But lately, as I’ve gotten really busy, I’ve let them slide. But that’s ok … I’m determined to get back on track.

So, my yearbook of true-life accounts is now back on my pillow. My juicer is getting dusted off. And I’m so excited to find this fabulous list of the 60 top motivational speakers in the world. This is one of those pages that is going on my bookmark bar for super quick reference.

I usually choose a speaker to listen to based on my mood. Tony Robbins pumps me up … Les Brown makes me feel like I can do anything … Brian Tracy helps me feel like slow and steady I can get there.

I’ve really only listened to the folks that are in the top 10 portion of this list. So I’m excited to pull up some talks by the other folks on the list and see how they might get me pumped up and ready to accomplish more goals!

Successful people are simply those with successful habits. –┬áBrian Tracy


p.s. Only 3% of Americans regularly set goals.

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