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do you have a morning ritual?


Have you ever read the morning rituals of people like Tim Ferris or Tony Robbins? When I read what their mornings look like, I feel one part pumped up and encouraged to develop my own amazing morning routine … but more parts just plain old like a huge morning loser!

I’m working on it. And my morning ritual has definitely improved over the years.

Here’s what mornings currently look like:

  1. Wake up at 7. Maybe  7:14. Or, maybe even 7:32. It all depends on whether or not I can convince “Morning Kate” to not hit the snooze button over and over again. “Evening Kate” is always determined to get cracking right at 7. But “Morning Kate” doesn’t care about productivity. She likes SLEEP.
  2. Oil pull. I use either Olive Oil or Coconut Oil and swish it around my mouth for 15 minutes or so while I make my bed and boil water. (Check out the benefits of oil pulling.)
  3. Hot lemon water. I drink a large mug of hot lemon water while I prepare coffee in a french press. (Check out the benefits of warm lemon water in the morning.)
  4. Morning facial. I typically shower at night, so in the morning, I use a witch hazel solution for my face, neck, and chest and then apply a mixture of oils to my skin.
  5. While the oil is settling into my skin, I sit down and drink my coffee and read my Bible for 15 to 20 minutes. I use this time to meditate on the day and set a few goals for what I’d like to accomplish. I often paint with water colors in my art journal during this time as well. Typically the painting goes along with what I’ve been reading in my Bible and it helps me to meditate on the information. Depending on what time I actually got up that morning and what I’ll be doing that day, I sometimes spend up to an hour on this portion of my morning ritual.
  6. Breakfast. I typically eat eggs and avocado, or a smoothie.
  7. Makeup and hair. By now the oils have sunk into my skin and I’m ready for some loose powder and blush. Maybe some mascara. And if I’m feeling particularly fancy, possibly some eye makeup. My hair either goes up into a messy bun or I leave it down in messy waves. All in all, this portion of the morning takes about 5 minutes.
  8. Get dressed. If I’m headed out the door, I’ll put on clothes I picked out the night before. If I’m going to be working from home all morning, I’ll typically throw on some comfy clothes and hit the computer.

So there it is … my morning ritual. I’d like it to start earlier. I’d like it to include aerobic exercise. But for now, my body seems to prefer exercise in the afternoon or evening. I’d also like it to include pilates and egoscue exercises. For now, those get done in the evening since “Morning Kate” just doesn’t care about them at all : )

What about you? What do your mornings look like?


p.s. Here are 6 morning rituals successful people typically do every day.


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