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change your life with two little words


Dear Female Photographer,

If you tell yourself you’re just not able to do something … you probably won’t ever be able to do it. Why?

Your brain LISTENS to your self talk.

Thankfully, your brain is just as willing to listen to positive cues as it is the negative ones. (Phew.)

If you’re working hard to accomplish a goal and have hit that plateau area where frustration and disappointment abounds, watch your words. Now isn’t the time to be negative. It’s the time to utilize the astounding power of two tiny little words:


You haven’t failed. You just haven’t YET succeeded.

Study after study continue to show that we need to BELIEVE we can improve, grow, and succeed if we want to eventually make it to a place of success.

In a famous TED talk, Carol Dweck explains the significance of what she called a “growth mindset”. Amazing things happen when you actually believe in yourself. And she proves it with research.

Take a moment to watch this talk. It’s life changing!


p.s. how are you coming with our three goals for the week?

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