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Dear Female Photographer,

What would you do if I told you that I’ll give you a FREE ticket for an all-inclusive trip to Bermuda. No … I’ll give you TWO FREE tickets. It’s a 4-star resort for a whole week. You won’t have to spend a penny. The beach is amazing. The food? To die for.

Now, here’s the catch: You have to be ready to leave tomorrow morning at 6 AM.



You have so much on your busy schedule for this next week. How could you POSSIBLY leave that all behind?

But you want to go. It’s Bermuuuuuuuuda!

So you get started. You start PLOWING through your work. And I mean … plowing. You go into BEAST mode. You work and work … call and call … edit and edit … write and write … until suddenly, you’ve gotten all that week’s work done. You’re exhausted. But that’s ok … tomorrow you’re leaving for Bermuda!

As you lie on the sunny, warm beach with a smile on your face and colorful drink in your hand, you forget about how hard you worked that one day. It was hard. But it was WORTH it.

Now … imagine for just a moment that you spent most days in BEAST mode. What would you get accomplished? Probably so much, that before you know it, you’d be able to afford that trip to Bermuda.

So this week? Beast mode … ON.


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