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Stressed? This video can change your life!


I’ve never been good at dealing with stress in my life. When stressful situations arise, I immediately tense my whole body and stop breathing. Well, obviously I still breathe (ha, or I wouldn’t be typing this right now!), but I switch over to shallow breathing mode. I also catch myself holding my breathe for long periods of time. When I catch myself doing this, I get even more stressed! “Oh no!” I start thinking. “I’m killing myself with this stress! I have to be less stressed! I have to be less stressed!” But each time I think, “I have to be less stressed!”, the stress grows.

So I’ve learned breathing techniques. Very helpful.

I’ve learned self awareness. You know, like STOP holding your breath and tensing your shoulders!

And I’ve learned to try and not take things so seriously. (Ok, well I’m learning to not take things so seriously.)

All of these things have helped. But then the other day, I came across the video below. And it changed my life! Just a few short minutes … and boom. I feel completely empowered. Most of us are dealing with high levels of stress. So do yourself a giant favor and watch this clip!!!!

Did you watch it? Isn’t it awesome!? Ok, now watch this clip. It’s just pure joy : ) A little girl experiencing rain for the first time …

Now go have an awesome weekend! : )


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