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the perfect man

Why am I still single? Well, I think I’ve discovered the problem.  It hit me the other night as I was watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie. (Wait, does that statement answer the question???!) I was sitting there thinking … that’s the kind of man I want. A Pa. I mean, Pa builds houses. Pa works hard. Pa knows how to build a shoe so the little girl with one leg shorter than the other can walk again. Then I started to think about my other celebrity crushes. Wanna see the list?

Ok, here it is …


Yes, that’s Cary Grant. So suave. And then Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. You know, because he’s so smart and logical and always gets the job done. And then there’s Jimmy Stewart because he’s so charming and funny. Sigh.

Imagine if I could mash that all up into one man?! Whew. Of course, there is one giant problem with my dream man: He’s long gone!

So, instead, I have a chihuahua : )


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