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motivation monday: steve jobs


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In all honesty, I don’t like what Apple has become. But that’s just because I’ve been a long pro user of their products and once everything went main stream, the quality went down. I can’t run three large design programs simultaneously on my brand new mac. I never had this problem on my old macs. Maybe the new mac pro will come out and make me fall in love all over again with Apple. We’ll see. I’ll order it online, of course, because I avoid the Apple store like the plague.  I just don’t want to get elbowed by the sea of people, given the stink eye by five guards, and talked AT by an 18-year-old computer genius who doesn’t really care how much the health of my computer affects my business life.

But despite the sour taste Apple leaves in my mouth these days, there’s no denying that what Steve Jobs did was amazing. I have no ambition of earning zillions … touching the masses … or wearing a black turtleneck every day (just because it’s easier that way), but so much of his advice is spot on for how I can improve my business … and my life.


“You may not want to change the world … but you can change your little part of it.”

– Carmine Gallo

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