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Warning … if you’re hungry … you might want to come back another time : ) Because we’re going to take a minute to look at these donuts.

Mmm … donuts. Who doesn’t love a good donut? They’re so good. So sweet. And so perfect with a warm cup of coffee. When you look at these donuts, what do you see? Go ahead … take a good, long look …

What was the first thing you noticed?

… the spinkles?

… the gooey dark chocolate?

… the vanilla cake?

(I warned you! This is not a good post if you’re hungry!)

You naturally focused on all the goodness that these two little donuts have to offer. I bet you didn’t say … “Ew. They have holes in the middle!” You instinctively ignored their “flaws” and focused right in on the good stuff.

The question is … are you kinder to these donuts than you are yourself?

I went out and bought these two donuts (and here’s the sad part: didn’t even get to eat them after taking their picture because I’m allergic to them!) after listening to a Tony Robbins seminar the other day where he talked about perspective. Life is all about perspective. You can choose to focus on the negative stuff that is always going on somewhere in your life, or you can learn to instinctively look at the bright-colored sprinkles and the gooey chocolate parts of life. You can choose to focus on all your own negative flaws. Every time you look in the mirror you can say, “I have a giant hole! I’m not complete.”

Or, you can say … “wow … look at MY sprinkles.”

So, there we have it … deep thoughts on life and perspective all with the help of our friend the donut. I’m a particularly visual person, so the second I heard Tony Robbins reference donuts in his talk, I knew I had to put this post together for myself. If it helps someone else, too, then that’s awesome!

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