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just decide already!

I am a terrible decision maker. TERRIBLE. I think that I’ve always known this about myself. And then I started my own business five years ago and it became CRYSTAL clear that it’s a problem.  I do what many indecisive people do when it comes time to make a major life decision: NOTHING. And worse yet … I procrastinate on the small decisions, too.

More often than not, I choose to keep myself afloat instead of taking the risk of swimming into the unknown. Being afloat is fine. But as all good, REGULAR decision makers know, it’s within the unknown that you often reap the greatest rewards.

Just how wrong can I go? How bad can I reeeeally mess things up if I make a decision that turns out to be wrong? And maybe that wrong decision will actually lead to something so incredibly right.

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I love Jack Canfield and his Success Principles. He teaches that decision making is just like weight lifting. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

And Tony Robbins? How can you not feel motivated to make changes (just a little at a time, even) after listening to him?

So just start deciding. And when a road bump comes up, travel over it.

And there we have it. My motivational message of the day to myself : )


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