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Last night, I broke down and turned on the heat. But just for an hour. Then I felt too stuffy so I turned it right back off. I know that soon I’ll have to turn it on and leave it on … but I like fresh air. And for some reason, I don’t like the feeling of a house all shut up with heat on. I’m strange … I know.

Since I keep my  home on the cooler side, I rely on blankets and warm clothes to keep my toasty. (And tea. Lots of tea.) Last night, after I shut the heat back off because I hated how it felt, I realized that it was definitely time to switch up my bedding. It was cold in my bedroom last night! My pretty vintage chenille peacock bedspread just isn’t going to cut it now. Plus (sniff, sniff), there were small holes in it when it first arrived and since I was too lazy to mend them, they’re now large holes : (  Soooo, I’ve got some sewing to do before next Spring!

During cooler months, I love to layer and mix and match on my bed. And I love vintage linens! In my last house, I had a linen closet stuffed full of different blankets, throws, and comforters that I’d collected over the years at thrift stores. I gave most all of it away during my move. So now I’m back on the hunt for bedding. Some people think it’s really gross to use old linens. But with a little soap, some boiling water, and a day or two hanging out in the sun … they’re as good as new. Plus, I tend to have a hard time with new bedding as so much of it is made with polyester, which doesn’t work well for me and is often treated with chemicals that irritate me.

I’ll be headed down to DE next week for work and will go straight to my favorite thrift store for linens in the hopes that I’ll score some fabulous treasures. I want to create something warm and cozy. Layering blankets definitely creates a homey feel in the bedroom. It kinda stinks to have to put it aaaaaall back together every morning, but I think it’s worth it.

I want to create something cozy, like this …



I have a tub of vintage linens that I’ve been collecting for the last few years and I definitely have enough to make a bedspread like this. I LOOOOOVE it!!! I was originally saving them up to make curtains for my bedroom. But this bedspread might end up becoming my next project!


In addition to scoring some grandma blankets and other vintage textiles, I am sooooo getting these pillow cases, too! …


Bonne nuit!

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awkward photos of people sleeping on the beach

Ha, ok, so I was on Pinterest today looking for photos of a bed on the beach. You know, so I could pin the perfect set up and dream about it tonight as I climb into my bed that is very, very, very far from the beach. (I dream about it a lot, actually.) Instead of finding the perfect dream spot, I found this collection of awkward photos of people lying on the beach taken by Lithuanian photographer Tadao Cern. And frankly, it’s way more interesting than a bed on a beach!


The cute little lady on the left reminds me a lot of my Grandmother who was from Vilnos, Lithuania. And I must say, that I hope I have her same fun sense of style when I’m that age!

Check out the images over at The Huffington Post.


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5 art projects I want to try

There’s something about making your living as an artist that is both exciting and exhausting. It’s exciting that you get to do what you love … and make money while doing it. But art on demand can be tough.

Fall is my busiest time for work and I can feel my creativity energy beginning to wane. In the past, when that would happen, I would mistakingly think that I needed a break from all things artistic. But what I’ve learned is that all it means is that I need to refill my creative cup. A trip to the art museum. A visit to a local artist’s shop. A craft date with a little child. Simple little things like that that have NOTHING to do with photography  … yet are still art focused get me pumped back up again and at my creative best for my photography business.

So even though I’m crazy busy right now, I know I have to schedule time to slow down and create some art … just for me. These are the five art projects I want to work on in the next couple of weeks.


1. Watercolor Painting. I love the soft colors you get when working with watercolors. And I love this coat picture by Carmel Seymour.


2. Photo stitching. It takes just the right photo for this fun little project … but I’m excited to try it!


3. Art journaling. I have tried to start and keep an art journal many times. But I usually end up stopping because I get frustrated with the wet and wrinkly pages. That’s why I was so happy to see artist Alisa Burke discuss that very subject in a blog post on her artist sketch books. And you know what? Hers wrinkle up, too … but she just doesn’t care about it : )


4. Drawing on book pages. I just love how these turn out. I’m going to find an old copy of one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre, and use those pages. You can buy the Alice print here and the Silhouette print here.


5. Digitally enhanced artwork. I love the idea of starting on paper … and then finishing in Photoshop. And I’m absolutely in love with the above digitally-enhanced watercolor by Tatyana Ilieva.




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I love the threaded black and white photo! Such fun ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

these are such nice inspirations. I always love art work like these. thanks for sharing!

motivation monday: get out of your comfort zone


I did something last week that SCARED me. SCAAAAAARED me. I called in a bookkeeper to take over the books of my business. I have needed to do this for the last six years. Six looooooooong years! But I’ve been too scared. The business side of my business is hard for me. It doesn’t come naturally. I was scared that it would be too overwhelming to bring someone else into the picture. I was scared that it would be too expensive. I was scared that the person would just look at me like I have five heads and say … SERIOUSLY!? THIS is how you run your business?!

I waited until I was in a place of desperation before I called someone.

And as she sat before me, just as wonderful as could be, sharing all the ways she could help me … I was so incredibly relieved.

I should have called in help long, long, long before.

But what’s done is done. And now it will serve as a giant lesson to me: COMFORT ZONES ARE MEANT TO BE STEPPED OUT OF.

I’m very, very excited to see what will happen for me and my business as I bring in someone who can help get the business side of my business running like a well-oiled machine. I’m hoping that it will leave me with more creative energy to stay on the side of the business that I’m best at … the creative side.

And I can’t help but wonder now:

What next? I know that there are way more comfort zones to be broken!


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Sometimes is actually better to ask for help & even pay for it rather than spend hours, days, years trying to do it ourselves. Great job! :] // ☼ ☯


You are sooooo right : )