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a definite do this summer: braids and scarves


I’m forever looking for new ways to quickly and easily style my long hair. I use scarves a lot when my hair is up. But sometimes I forget to use them when my hair is down, too! I’m totally inspired by this carefree, summery look (by Anthropologie, of course) … it’s a definite summer do! Of course, it gets bonus points for being quick and easy.

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motivation monday: keep going


There’s a speech by Les Brown that I’ve listened to many times and lately his words have been ringing in my ears: “thiiiiiings are going to happen when you’re working on dreams.”

So true, Les. So, true.

Things like …




They’re all happening right now.

I found this blog post with the 13 things that will happen when you start to pursue your dreams, and it resonated deeply with me today. I was like, check, check, check, check … yup … all these things are happening to me!! And I guess it’s nice to know that they’re supposed to be happening! And that I’m not alone. And that it’s all part of the process.

My goal for this week is to just keep on knocking. Eventually doors HAVE to start opening. They just have to.


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the good, the bad, the best


I’ve been hunting high and low for cool albums to play on my cute little Crosley turntable. I know I can buy new Vinyl from Urban Outfiters … but that doesn’t give me the thrill of the score at a thrift store! Imagine my joy the other day when I purchased a 99 cent John Lennon album at Goodwill only to come home and discover that there was a Beatles album in there, too! Woo hoo! I rushed over to my turntable, threw the record on, and … click, click, click. It appears my record player has died on me. Wouldn’t it figure that I finally find the album I’ve been hunting for and now have nothing to play it on?

So, this week …

The Bad  is definitely … the fact that my beloved record player broke. I googled some troubleshooting tips, tried them all … but still no spin. Boo.

The Good … 

  • I discovered an empty lot right down the road from me filled with hydrangea bushes!! I’ve been meandering on down every few days and nabbing some blossoms to display in old jars in my apartment. I feel like I have my very own little flower store! (I just know Martha would love my arrangements!)
  • Roasted peach and goat cheese salad. Oh my. Hello, summer!
  • Putting the hair-dryer away for the summer. There’s no point in trying to straighten my hair in the humid months of summer. I’ve been having fun trying out some braids and other updos.

The Best … Interval training. I have unsuccessfully tried to incorporate peak fitness training into my exercise routine in the past. Typically, with peak fitness, you’re encouraged to spend about 20 minutes in some form of physical activity in which every 90 seconds or so you do 30 second bursts of high intensity exercise. In the past I’ve tried walking with 30 second bursts of sprinting as hard as possible. But I would just feel sick by the end of it. So I decided it wasn’t for me.

This week, however, I found myself reconsidering peak training after reading some articles about hormone balance. When my grandfather passed away a few weeks ago, I spent a few days in a row just crying and crying (oy, and crying). It left me feeling very off hormonally. Typically I would make an appointment with an acupuncturist or homeopathic doctor to get things back in order. But that wasn’t possible this week, so I went hunting for other ways to get my hormones more balanced. Low and behold, peak fitness came back up. Grrr. I really didn’t like my initial experiences with it — but I also don’t like feeling like a crazy person!!

Soooo, I decided to try it again, but this time, rather than doing 30 second bursts, I did 10 second bursts. Muuuuuuuuuuuch better. I immediately started to feel the results that I’d read about: clearer thinking, motivation, energy, etc. It’s only been a week of doing this type of routine (3 times this week) and I feel so much calmer and exactly as good as if I’d gone to my homeopathic doctor and asked him to balance out my hormones. So … SCORE! I’m pretty excited to see what may happen as I continue on with my own mini version of peak fitness.

And now it’s time for a wonderful weekend! Hopefully full of sunshine, laughter, and lots of roasted peach and goat cheese salad.

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links i love: beating the heat, healthy fast-food, and hormones


1. No air conditioner? (Me neither.) Apartment Therapy shares some tips on how to stay cool no matter how hot it gets.

2. 11 surprising factors that mess with your memory.

3. Are any of these 8 “healthy” fast-food chains near you?

4. Why I want to STOP hitting the snooze button.

5. 3 Essential oils for Hormones.

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5 things I did as a kid that i want to do this summer



1. Make lemonade. My friend Alexis and I had a lemonade and brownie stand one year. We set up camp right in front of one of the University of Delaware’s dorms on move-out day at the close of the Spring semester. We were cute … and we had sugar. And therefore, we made a killing! I had enough cash for many, many trips to the local 7-Eleven that summer, which was very exciting because I lived for slurpees. Now don’t worry, I’m not going to set up a lemonade stand this summer! But instead of setting up shop, I’ll probably bottle up my lemonade in some pretty little bottles and give it away to friends. Or just have it on hand for guests. Here are 9 homemade lemonade recipes I want to try out.

2. Be barefoot as much as possible. I NEVER wore shoes when I was younger. I remember stubbing my toe quite often and getting stung by bees frequently … but that never made me want to cover me feet! Unfortunately, I don’t get to spend my whole summer at the pool anymore … so shoes are a bit more of a necessity than in years past. But I want to make a real effort this summer to remember to kick off my flip flops every chance I have. Especially since scientists are learning more and more about the importance of walking around barefoot.

3. Be bored. I distinctly recall days of total and complete boredom in the summers of my youth. These were the days of thunderstorms, closed pools, or times when friends were away on vacation. Inevitably, after a few rounds of solitaire (with actual cards … ha! I’m dating myself!), I’d end up whining to my mother to take me somewhere, or do something with me. Pleeeeeeeeease. I’m sooooooo bored! My whining rarely worked, and instead, it was usually left up to me to figure out what to do on my own. Interestingly enough, I’ve been seeing more and more research popping up about the benefits of boredom. Can it actually lead to creativity? According to Psychology Today, “boredom can be a stimulus for change, leading you to better ideas, higher ambitions, and greater opportunities. Most of our achievements, of man’s achievements, are born out of the dread of boredom.” So this summer, my goal is to not schedule away every. little. second. of my summer. But rather, to leave some time in there for NOTHING. Just pure nothing. Who knows what it may lead to?!

4. Dance in the rain. Or ride my bike, walk, run, swim, lie in a hammock … anything at all in the rain. Last summer when I was in Maine, it rained a lot. I would run out to the lake and jump in. Floating on my back with the drops of water falling dancing all around was just pure bliss. And it reminded me of how the rain NEVER stopped me when I was younger. The rule was always that we had to come in if there was thunder or lightening. But otherwise … game on! 

5. Be enamored with nature. Somewhere along the way, I’ve grown less and less in touch with nature. I used to chase butterflies and lie under the sky in awe of the cloud shapes. I used to stop and look at any bug I would randomly discover under a rock. (Note to self: Remember to stop and pick up rocks. There’s cool stuff under them!) I used to spend hours blowing bubbles and watching them float off into the distance. Would it be strange for an adult to spend hours blowing bubbles? Probably. But this summer, I kinda want to, anyway!


What do you want to do this summer? 


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