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no matter what … keep laughing!

A little while ago, I read the book “Anatomy of an Illness,” by Norman Cousins. It fascinated me. Ever since losing — and then regaining — my health in my 20s, I’ve been fascinated by the body, illness, and finding new ways to feel better. Life is SO much richer when your body cooperates : )  Norman Cousins lost his health, too in a very dramatic way. One day, while lying in a hospital bed with very little prospect of survival, he made a decision: He developed his very own recovery program.

“I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect and would give me at least two hours of pain-free sleep,” he reported. “When the pain-killing effect of the laughter wore off, [my wife and I] would switch on the motion picture projector again and not infrequently, it would lead to another pain-free interval.”

Through large doses of intravenous Vitamin C and equally large doses of laughter, he healed himself.

So no matter what you’re going through right now … let’s find ways to laugh : ) It feels good. It counts as an ab workout (ha, well it does in my book anyway!). And it just may heal what ails you.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. A while back I wrote about the three books that seriously changed my health. And I mean … took me from unable to get off the sofa and walk … to bouncing around and loving life again.

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Motivation Monday: Balance

It’s Tuesday … and I should be posting all-the-way-Tuesday inspiration. But I missed my Motivation Monday post yesterday and truth is, I need it! Not just because the wind chill is 0 this morning and I’m not a fan of cold. And not just because it’s my slow season and I always get a little stressed out during my slow season. And certainly not because I have some big decisions to make this week. (I’d rather take a long walk in the 0-degree weather than make big decisions.)

As I look to tackle all those things this week, I first need to take a moment to breathe and remember the B word: BALANCE. 

I’m easily pumped up and motivated. If I read a book in which the author details a smart way to get from A to Z, I’ll snap that book shut and go to work with zeal. I’ll work hard. I’ll focus. And focus. And focus. This is good, of course. But the problem with hyper focus is that you start missing out on other things.

I remember reading about a little experiment that goes something like this: close your eyes. Reopen them and for 10 seconds, count how many brown things are in your room.

Try it.

How many are there?

Ok, now many pink things are there?

Hmm … you might not know. Not because they weren’t there … but because you were focused on the brown objects so you didn’t pay attention to the pink ones.

This, of course, just illustrates the power of focus. It can be a wonderful thing if you want nothing but brown in your life. But wouldn’t life be just a bit better with some pink, purple, and yellow mixed in, too?

So today I’m focusing on not just one but TWO reminders.

Some people deny when a problem in their life or business exists. I don’t. I see it square on. Yay, me. But here’s the problem: I tend to run away from it : ) Really fast, too. I’m the queen of avoidance. So today I needed to be reminded that the only way to grow is to step up into what may be some very uncomfortable situations this week and GET. IT. DONE.

But as I’m slapping my face, jumping up and down and attempting to enter into get-her-done beast mode, I need to also
remember this …

While I’m diving head first (alright, it will probably be feet first) into my uncomfort zones this week, I also need to remember to laugh, skip, eat chocolate, cut myself some slack, call a friend, paint a picture, and wander around in the woods a bit, too. And it’s even ok (preferable, actually) if I smile my way through each and every failure that may come my way this week.

So there you have it: my attempt at balance for the week. Care to share any wise ideas on how you keep motivated and balanced at the same time? I need all the help I can get!



Kate Callahan is an on-location child and family photographer based out of Hyde Park, NY in the beautiful Hudson Valley. She also works with clients in Delaware and the surrounding tri-state area. 

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what times of day should you post to social media?

Dear Female Photographer,

No matter how good your content is … if it gets lost in the digital sea of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter posts … it won’t further your business efforts. It just won’t. You can pour your heart out in a truly insightful blog post or offer up an unbeatable deal in your e-letter. But this is all time wasted if you don’t actually reach your intended audience.

In a world full of beautiful photos, helpful content, useful graphics, and insightful articles, being seen is an ever-growing challenge.

So … yes. Start by creating fabulous content. It has to be good. Because as we’ve already mentioned, there’s a WHOLE LOT OF GREAT CONTENT floating around out there.

And then the next step is to post at a time when you’ll reach the maximum number of people.

Microsoft produced a tremendously helpful chart that highlights some of the best times to post on social media. These are the days and times that up your odds of not only being seen, but having clients interact with you.



Happy posting!


p.s. We become what we think about.

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wish you were better

Oh, the joys of finding EXACTLY what you need when you need it. Today I NEEDED to hear this powerful speech by Jim Rohn. It really put it all back into perspective for me. Because I’m not going to lie … I spent the morning wishing things would be just a little bit easier right now.


But Mr. Rohn is so right. Why should I waste another second wishing everything was easier when I could instead put that energy towards developing BETTER skills?

Perhaps this talk by the late, great Jim Rohn will make your day as much as it made mine.

Happy Tuesday!

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dear female photographer, have you thought about renting equipment?

Every wedding photographer has a different shooting style … me personally, I like to have two cameras on my person at all time during a wedding. I usually keep a zoom on one body and a shorter focal length (usually a 50 mm) on the other. Though I find myself shooting a whole lot with the 50, I like having that zoom ready to go just in case out of the corner of my eye I suddenly spot a precious baby climb up into Grandma’s arms or a whole table of guests break out into laughter.

For the last two weddings I shot, I needed an extra body. When ATS Rentals asked if I’d like to try out a rental through them, I gladly said yes! I’d never rented through them, so I was glad to give them a whirl. I rented the Canon 5D Mark III and my experience with ATS was just like my experience with the Mark III … as good as it gets.

If you’ve never rented equipment before from an online rental store, you may feel a little apprehensive. Will the (very expensive!) camera equipment arrive safely, on time, and in good working condition? Those are the points that matter most to me as I needed that camera to be there in time for the wedding and in great working condition. Once the order went in, I had a tracking number so I knew that my camera was going to arrive right when it should.

Of course … the camera rocks. Thanks Canon! I LOVE the 5D Mark III.

Once I was done with the camera, I popped it back in the packing box and adhered the UPS delivery sticker provided with the order and then taped up the box with the packing tape that was also enclosed with the order. (Side note: ATS must be mind-readers because I often drag my feet about packing up things because I hate having to track down my packing tape! Since they enclosed just the right amount in the box for me to use, I didn’t have to deal with that headache.) I then took it down to one of the UPS drop off spots that was listed on my enclosed invoice. Done. Easy. Hooray!


One of the mistakes lots of newer photographers make is over-investing in equipment. And then more equipment. And then more. Canon, Nikon, and every other camera supplier out there is NOT going to stop producing bigger and better equipment. And it is SO tempting to want to invest in every new thing that comes out. Good equipment is necessary to produce good work. But in the early stages of building a business, most photographers really can’t afford to spend tons of money on the latest and greatest. It’s not the thing that will take your business to the next level. Wise photographers know that investing in their knowledge, marketing, and other business growth expenses is more important than the latest and greatest equipment. Renting equipment from an online rental store like ATS is a really great way for photographers to have access to that newer, better, cooler equipment for times when you need it — but aren’t able to truly justify making the purchase for your business.

Actually, renting a lens once saved me $3,000! I was coveting a certain Canon lens that EVERY wedding photographer raved and raved about at the time. I felt like it was a must! I already had the $800 version of the lens … but I just knew my wedding photography wouldn’t get better without this all-important lens. I (thankfully) decided to rent it. I took it out for a test run the night before a wedding. I HATED it. I shot with it for about three minutes and then never pulled it out again. I never even used it at the wedding because it was just too heavy for me.

Everyone’s shooting styles are different and I am SO glad that I tried out that lens before plunking down all that money to purchase something I would NEVER use.

So whether it’s to try out something prior to purchase… or to allow for extra equipment when times call for it … renting is a great option and I’m really thankful that it’s so easy!

ATS asked if I’d blog my experience. And I said “of course!” After all, they sent me lollipops with my awesome camera!!!! Only really nice companies send lollipops!


Check out ATS and the equipment they have available for rent here.

And here are the lovely weddings I shot with my rental: Beautiful wedding one. Beautiful wedding two.


Happy Tuesday!

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