Yesterday evening I walked about my little apartment and snapped some photos with my phone. I love this apartment. It’s cozy and happy. I love the light that comes in. I love my peaceful bedroom. And I love that my neighbors are all lovely people, too.

I spent a good while planning and planning (and planning) to sell my house and move … and bring my business with me. It wasn’t easy. And now I’m on to making more plans. Working on new goals. But I just wanted to remind myself to slow down and be grateful for what’s here in the present.

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. ~Thornton Wilder

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bedding inspiration

Last night, I broke down and turned on the heat. But just for an hour. Then I felt too stuffy so I turned it right back off. I know that soon I’ll have to turn it on and leave it on … but I like fresh air. And for some reason, I don’t like the feeling of a house all shut up with heat on. I’m strange … I know.

Since I keep my  home on the cooler side, I rely on blankets and warm clothes to keep my toasty. (And tea. Lots of tea.) Last night, after I shut the heat back off because I hated how it felt, I realized that it was definitely time to switch up my bedding. It was cold in my bedroom last night! My pretty vintage chenille peacock bedspread just isn’t going to cut it now. Plus (sniff, sniff), there were small holes in it when it first arrived and since I was too lazy to mend them, they’re now large holes : (  Soooo, I’ve got some sewing to do before next Spring!

During cooler months, I love to layer and mix and match on my bed. And I love vintage linens! In my last house, I had a linen closet stuffed full of different blankets, throws, and comforters that I’d collected over the years at thrift stores. I gave most all of it away during my move. So now I’m back on the hunt for bedding. Some people think it’s really gross to use old linens. But with a little soap, some boiling water, and a day or two hanging out in the sun … they’re as good as new. Plus, I tend to have a hard time with new bedding as so much of it is made with polyester, which doesn’t work well for me and is often treated with chemicals that irritate me.

I’ll be headed down to DE next week for work and will go straight to my favorite thrift store for linens in the hopes that I’ll score some fabulous treasures. I want to create something warm and cozy. Layering blankets definitely creates a homey feel in the bedroom. It kinda stinks to have to put it aaaaaall back together every morning, but I think it’s worth it.

I want to create something cozy, like this …



I have a tub of vintage linens that I’ve been collecting for the last few years and I definitely have enough to make a bedspread like this. I LOOOOOVE it!!! I was originally saving them up to make curtains for my bedroom. But this bedspread might end up becoming my next project!


In addition to scoring some grandma blankets and other vintage textiles, I am sooooo getting these pillow cases, too! …


Bonne nuit!

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