in search of the perfect yoga pant

Can you help me? Please!!! The weather has grown cool, and you know what that means, of course …

Pumpkin spice and yoga pants!!!!!!

I’ve got the pumpkin spice thing down pat. Coffee. Pie. Cookies. I’m on it. But the yoga pants … I’m having a hard time deciding which ones to try this year. And being an at-home worker throughout most of winter, yoga pants have become a staple in my wardrobe because they’re super comfy but can be dressed up enough to mimic a put-togetherish look. You know, so it doesn’t look like I’m in my pjs all day … even though it feels like it!

Typically, I thrift most of my clothes. But if you’ve ever looked at rack of athletic wear in a thrift store, then you  know why I opt for new for yoga pants. Faded, stretched out … and just kind of, well, gross is the typical thrift store selection.

A few years back, I fell in love with a company called Green Apple. I found a whole rack of their bamboo yoga pants at Marshalls. Sooooooo comfortable. I wore through them that year, and the next year I snatched up more. But they weren’t the same : ( They had dramatically changed the quality and I was so disappointed. So last year, I tried Victoria’s Secret’s “Most Loved” yoga pants.

yoga pants2

Meh. They were ok. I still have them. They faded a bit, but nothing too horrible. But they just didn’t feel as soft and comfy as I wanted. On the plus side, I didn’t find myself having to yank them up all the time. They stayed put.

So I tried Gaiam’s yoga pants. Actually, I’m wearing them as I type : ) They’ve worn thin in a few spots … are pretty comfy … but still … not perfect.

yoga pants3

So here we are. A new fall/winter season, and I want to purchase some of THE MOST COMFORTABLE and somewhat stylish yoga pants out there. Lulu Lemon?? People love them. But man … $100 for yoga pants. That seems a bit steep …


I’m kind of in love with this pair, too … but it’s also almost $100 …

yoga pants6

Or, maybe I should try some fun patterns. I’m intrigued by all the Etsy sites that have yoga pants, like this one …

yoga pants4

And then there’s THIS pair. SUPER CUTE! And with the necklace?! Well it would take me from sorta-kinda-together for work to sorta-kinda-dressy for going out. And sorta kinda is all I need.

yoga pants5

If you’ve found a pair you love, please tell me! This is very critical stuff!! My winter happiness depends on getting just enough coffee, having just enough movie marathons with friends, and wearing just the right pair of yoga pants.


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fall is here!


Oh how I love getting dressed in the fall!!! Chunky sweaters. Colorful tights. Boots. Ponchos. Hooray! I’m drooling over all the outfits above. This is my thriftspiration board for my upcoming weekend in Delaware. Goodwills are waaaaaaaaay too expensive here in NY. So while I’m in DE this weekend, you’ll either find me working … or at Goodwill : )

one //  two   //  three  //  four  //  five  //  six  // seven  // eight


p.s. That shirt? Feed me and tell me I’m pretty … yeah, that pretty much just sums it up : )

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5 fall recipes I’m dying to try!


There’s a real crisp in the air these days and that means you’ll find me on Pinterest pinning two things: 1. Cute fall outfits. 2. Food. Well, actually you’ll find me pinning food all year long : ) I love food. But there’s something about fall … I find myself wanting to cook more. It’s definitely time for the slow cooker to come out and fill my apartment with yummy scents.

And the very first thing that’s going in my slow cooker is this recipe from Sweet Paul.

Cider and Honey Braised Short Ribs with Olives and Baked Rutabaga

ale braised short ribs

Get the recipe.

Maybe I’ll invite some folks over for that one. And on the side I’ll serve brussels sprouts. I LOVE brussels sprouts and this recipe from Family Fresh Cooking looks amazing!

Maple roasted brussels sprouts with walnuts, blue cheese, and cranberries


Get the recipe.

Oh, and then there’s ham. I love ham. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe has a slow cooker recipe that looks amazing.

Slow cooker maple brown sugar ham


Get the recipe.


So maybe that’s another dinner party I need to have. And I think I’ll serve the ham with these gorgeous treats from How Sweet Eats.

Roasted grape, goat cheese + honey stuffed sweet potatoes


Get the recipe.

Ok, truth be told, I already tried the sweet potato recipe. The roasted grapes WERE amazing. AMAZING. Yum. But I think I need to try it again with better potatoes. I made the mistake of picking up organic sweet potatoes from the local grocery store instead of the co-op. I have a feeling they were pretty old because they just didn’t have a good taste or texture. So I’ll be trying again with fresh potatoes. I have a feeling this is going to become a go-to side-dish for dinner parties because it’s so pretty!

Oh, and then there’s dessert. We can’t forget about dessert. (I NEVER forget about dessert!) And this recipe from This Rawesome Life looks amazing!

Raw carrot cake with cashew cream cheese frosting 


Get the recipe.

Mmm … time for dinner : )

Ridiculously cute fall outfit from Free People.

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motivation monday: look for the good


I once heard something in a talk that resonated deeply with me. It was about the power of focus and went something like this:

Take 30 seconds to count the number of brown things that are presently all around you?

Ok … got it??

Good. Let’s say it’s 24.

Now close your eyes and tell me how many purple things you saw.

Hmm … well, you might recall 2 or 3.

Now open your eyes and count the purple things for 30 seconds.

Whoa … there’s lots of them. You didn’t notice them, of course, when you were looking for the brown objects. But they were always there.

The point, of course, is that we see what we want to see. If we want to see the good … it’s there. If we want to see the bad … it’s also there.

I’m writing this as a little reminder to myself this week : ) Maybe it will help you, too.



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