10 reasons to dance every day


Aside from the fact that dancing is really fun (!!), there are so many health benefits that come along with it. If you’re not a huge fan of cardiovascular exercise, then dancing is the perfect choice for regular motion. Put on your favorite song, get up, and shake it! Or, if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer for work (like me), make it a goal to get up and dance for the length of one song every hour. At the end of an 8-hour work day, you’ll have danced 24 minutes (if your songs are on average 3 minutes long). That’s almost 30 minutes of exercise! You’ll also clear your head out so that you work more efficiently.

If you work in an office, you might get laughed at. But really, with all the health benefits below, whose getting the last laugh? ; ) ; )

1. total body workout
2. uses all of the major muscle groups
3. keeps muscles toned
4. burns body fat
5. increases balance and coordination
6. strengthens bone
7. heart-healthy benefits
8. builds stamina and endurance,
9. increases the rate at which antibodies flow through the blood stream
10. increased body temperature generated during moderate exercise can help prevent bacterial growth

Apparently, dancing is really good for your brain, too. Research  has shown that some people with Alzheimer’s disease are able to recall forgotten memories when they dance to music they used to know and that ballroom dancing at least twice a week made people less likely to develop dementia.

Here’s my favorite work-day dance song:

And here’s what I look like dancing to it:

Source of information: The Denver Post

Image source 

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fringe purses

I am a tiny little bit obsessed with fringe purses! They’re just so fun! A few years back, I acquired this gorgeous Aigner bag …


I loooooooooove it so much. So much, in fact, that I used it until it started to wear down. At which point I put it aside so that I wouldn’t totally destroy it. I still hope to find another one floating around out there … although it appears that they’re sold out everywhere. I may pull it back out and use it until it totally dies … but meanwhile, I’ve been looking around at other fringe purses …


One or two of these may cost thousands of dollars! So I’m basically on FULL thrift alert ; )

How about you … Have you ever put your mostly-used-up purse aside and saved it just because you love it so much and don’t want to totally destroy it? Or is that just me?!

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